Saturday, November 18, 2017
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for the ones in Quest for Quality....

Advanced digital imaging technology for non contact visual inspections and dimensional measurements. A basic machine vision system comprise of a feeding system, Conveying system, Industrial Camera, Industrial light, an image processing custom developed software, out feed handling system and rejection system. Depending on the application needs and cycle time, various hardware can be selected and an application can be designed to run at blinding speeds and 24/7.

The work flow involved is our Application Engineers on visiting your manufacturing plant shall study the needs and estimate a budget along with providing a suitable technology. On approvals, we can work on the solution in detail and attend to all the demands of the project. We shall also provide a proof of concept by simulating the concept for better understanding. On receiving the Purchase Order, we shall develop the system and test it thoroughly at our facility before shipping it to customer place. After successful commissioning and trials, project can be signed off.

Embedded Systems

We are experienced working with micro controller based systems for signal amplification and signal conditioning. Our capabilities are the following: 
  • Microcontrollers,
  • Wireless Technologies - RF, Zigbee, WiFi
  • Signal Conditioning
  • ADC - 8/16/32bit
  • Stepper Motor controls
  • Servo Motors & Servo Drives
Motion Controls and Software Development


We have a team of National Instruments Certified LABVIEW Developers (CLAD). Our engineers have hands on experience working with motion controls. We develop most of our machine interface on LABVIEW platform which is a real time programming platform. We also have the capabilities to develop applications using C, VC++, C#.Net if project demands.

Eg. We have developed an embedded Vision application using C#.Net for a hand held PDA device that has windows CE operating system for crack detection.

We also have vast experience working with pneumatic cylinders, ball screw guides, linear guides based positioning systems. We also have Robotics Engineers trained to integrate Industrial Robots such as ABB, Fanuc and Kuka giving us a full range of development capability.