Saturday, November 18, 2017
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iFuture Systems is now one of the top Machine Vision companies in India by virtue of the number of customers served. We have customers across 4 continents and spread across 26 countries adding value in measurement and quality automation. We build Special Purpose Automated Vision Inspection systems for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Manufacturing Industries.

At, iFuture Systems we are also committed to the dream of building technology products of mass applications. We have developed an Electronic Target Scoring System named the Elite Scorer built using Machine Vision Technology. The target scoring system is to aid professional sports shooting athletes and defense marksman to gauge the shot locations on the target and transmit it over WiFi to a Laptop. The product currently available directly and through our sales partners in various continents. The product is invented by Rajesh Manpat, CEO and renowned National Medalist in Rifle Shooting sport. Elite Scorer is a patent pending technology, a testimony to our intellectual approach to a problem and our commitment to new research and development.
At iFuture Systems, we have an excellent team with hands on experience building automated systems. The team comprising of Design Engineers, Electronics engineers and Software developers gives us a full range of development to conceptualize a solution, manufacture it and take them to the Global markets