Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Crack Detection system for Steering Shaft Inspection

Crack Detection system for Steering Shaft Inspection

iFuture implements Measurement and Crack Detection system for Steering Shaft Inspection.

Our team has developed and implemented Vision based measurement and visual inspection system. The system can gauge various parameters such as:

  • Section Diameters of shaft
  • Ovality of sections
  • Section Lengths of a shaft
  • PCD of thread
  • Thread quality
  • Surface hairline cracks

The system accommodates 6 different models of shaft and measures the critical dimensions in accuracy of 2-3 micrometers. The system consists of a single machine Vision camera paired with a Servo Motor that gives an encoder feedback to know the position of the moving camera accurately. The shaft is mounted on an AC Motor and its speed is controlled by an automatic program. The shaft is held in its place of manual chucks making the system very easy for loading and unloading. The system is designed to perform all the inspection and measurement activity within a low cycle time of 10-15 sec depending on what model is selected.

The system is Operator friendly and needs no technical expertise to operate the machine. The supervisor can have access to graphical reports and data log of all the shafts inspected in the machine between any two date intervals.

A system such as this that combines Vision, motion controls and software development reiterates iFuture Systems strength and capabilities.