Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Vision system for Packing inspection

iFuture Systems develops and implements Vision system for Packing inspection.

Our team has successfully developed and implemented vision system for Piston rings packing inspection. The project refers to inspecting and counting the number of Piston rings packed into a polythene cover.

Each piston ring is marked with a colored paint on one side and this is significant for identification of its œTOP orientation. The system checks for all piston rings to bare this mark on the correct side and counts the number of piston rings in each packet.


 If any ring is found with missing print mark or on the wrong side, the system indicates the same to the operator by means of a Buzzer and a visual alarm.
The challenge in developing the system was that the piston rings were placed inside a polythene packet that reflected light and made visibility a challenge. Various complex algorithms were developed to perform color segmentation to obtain successful results.