Saturday, November 18, 2017
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iFuture Systems!

Machine Vision India, Electronic Targets, Inspection Automation

Welcome to iFuture Systems!

We are a Bangalore based technology company developing Intelligent Machines since 2008. We are best known for our R&D and Machine Building capabilities in the field of Industrial Test and Measurement Systems using Vision systems. iFuture Systems is committed to building advanced technology products, hence we attract the brightest and the best talent to our team. We develop special purpose applications using image processing and integrate machine intelligence with hardware to perform various tasks primarily applied in Automated Inspection and Quality Control.

In April 2013, the company has launched Elite Scorer - World's first wireless electronic target system (patent pending) in India. The product is now available for purchase in 25 Countries across 4 continents.

Poke Yoke system for Clutch Assembly

iFuture implements automated Poke Yoke system for Clutch AssemblyOur team has successfully implemented a poke yoke machine vision system to detect presence of all sub assembly and components on a Clutch plate. The system cycle time is 2 seconds per component. Following parameters are checked in one cycle:

Presence of 2 Cir Clips
Presence of 2 Washers
Presence of 2 Springs
Proper assembly and locking of Springs
Proper assembly of Cir clip
Orientation of Key

Crack Detection system for Steering Shaft Inspection

iFuture implements Measurement and Crack Detection vision system for Steering Shaft InspectionOur team has developed and implemented Vision based measurement and visual inspection system. The system can gauge various parameters such as:
Section Diameters of shaft
Ovality of sections
Section Lengths of a shaft
PCD of thread
Thread quality
Surface hairline cracks

Vision system for Packing inspection

iFuture Systems develops and implements Vision system for Packing inspectionOur team has successfully developed and implemented vision system for Piston rings packing inspection. The project refers to inspecting and counting the number of Piston rings packed into a polythene cover. Each piston ring is marked with a colored paint on one side and this is significant for identification of its œTOP orientation. The system checks for all piston rings to bare this mark on the correct side and counts the number of piston rings in each packet. If any ring is found with missing print mark or on the wrong side, the system indicates the same to the operator by means of a Buzzer and a visual alarm.


Introduction to Machine Vision Systems

Camera based inspection systems that help automate high speed, critical quality inspections. Full Story | video Video

Applications of Machine Vision Systems

What you can see and understand, can be replicated to be measured and inspected using Machine Vision! Full Story | video Video

Lighting Systems

Embedded Systems and Electronics iFuture Systems has a Mechanical and Electronics development team inhouse. Our lab facilities has the latest tools such as Solid Works, Autocad, Keil and Multi Sim for designing custom applications. We can build a wide range of support products such as Position Sensors, Microcontroller based embedded systems, Signal Conditioners, Industrial Lighting systems, etc Full Story | video Video