Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Introduction to Vision systems

A machine vision system is an automated system comprising of industrial cameras that enable machines to see, Material handling systems that help parts or components handling, image processing software enabling machine to decide if a component is pass or fail based on measurement parameters or visual defects and finally rejection systems. 
iFuture Systems designs applications from concept to implementation in the emerging field of Machine vision using cameras and Simulation. Our extensive Research and Development team are highly skilled and intellect in their approach. Our primary goal is to create products for end users however we are willing to lend our hand to other OEMs in development of their products. Combining all the aspects of Electronics and Electrical, Mechanical and software it puts us in very strong position to develop literally anything that a mind can conceive!
At iFuture Systems, we develop applications on platforms like C, C++, VC++ and Labview making our software applications robust, reliable and user friendly. Our applications and products are confined to Sports, Defense, Health, Automobile and other Manufacturing Industries.
GUI (Graphical User Interface) is developed using tools like DirectX, Open GL, XNA and Labview which gives the end user a unique experience of totally controlling the application along with its hardware. Our development team continues to work on our products so as to make it better and cost effective. As a result we constantly upgrade our product line with the change in trend and newer technologies of today.
Our solutions range from assembly inspection, surface inspection, defect tracking, dimensional measurements, high-speed sorting and simulation. We also are capable of building cost effective test systems using data acquisition and FPGA
We hold over two decades of machine building expertise in industrial automation. Our total solutions include Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Controls. We also have successful experience in providing high speed assembly lines to various MNCs across India and abroad in the Automotive Sector.
Please get in touch with us for your specific requirements of vision systems. Our Application Engineers will be happy to assist you with possible solutions. Email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact us over phone.